I had a treatment on my mare a week ago and after months of her being in pain and not performing she has been transformed !!! Still got a wee way to go but now I can get her to move forward and use her body because she’s not hurting anymore !!! Thank thank you Tash! Bowen really is incredible and you see instant results ! Massages for horses wins!  -  Madeline


My mare has had a few treatments with Tash and really enjoyed it every time. I found Tash extremely knowledgeable and able to spot issues with a rounded and wholistic approach. Tash is great with both humans and horses - is super approachable and my mare has definitely benefited from each treatment she’s had. Would definitely recommend.  -  Lucy


Tash is absolutely amazing - she's is great for a chat, and absolutely perfect with the horses. I can't imagine my horses going to shows without Tash seeing them! She's make sure they are 100% perfect and ready. She is always super honest and loves the horses!  -  Dawn


Fab for both horse and rider! Tash fixed an excruiating pain in my shoulder that I had had for years! So I know personally how my horses must feel after a treatment!  -  Denise


Highly recommend she is amazing my horse look and feels different will recommend to all A+++ thanks see you in a few weeks.  -  Sarah


I asked Tash to look at my dog (small horse) who i was on the verge of putting out of her misery. A number of treatments later I have my dog back happier than ever before.   -  Brent


Amazed at how much happier and relaxed my boy is after his first treatment with Tash! Definitely saw instant results!  -  Raya


Tash is great with horses and humans alike. Thanks Tash!  -  Melinda


Thanks Tash! Louie has loved him treatment and is feeling fantastic now, highly recommend.  -  Tessa


My horse loves her sessions with Tash, it's written all over her face! Would highly recommend.  -  Rebekah