About Natasha Alexander, Bowen Therapist & Instructor

Bowen Therapist & official European School of Equine Bowen Therapy Instructor for New Zealand

Tash has always had a love of horses, although not from a horse family, she made a life with horses happen. Early on in Tash's career she was a veterinary nurse at Redvale clinic, so Bowen Therapy was a perfect fit.
Learning human Bowen, then equine and with the past few years out there building her business, it is clear what a talent and synergy Tash has for Bowen. It is clear from the changes with the horses, people and dogs how much Bowen really assists the body and mind.
As the head of the NZ School of Equine Bowen Therapy, Tash holds three Equine Bowen Training Courses a year under the auspices of the European School of Equine Bowen Therapy.
Hands on Horses is a proud Sponsor of the Waitemata Riding Club, showjumper David Collett and dressage rider Ashley Kendall.

The European School of Equine Bowen Therapy

The European School of Equine Bowen Therapy training course was the first course of its kind to insist upon the entry requisites in place to ensure a  professional, credible and respected standard of therapist. All Equine Bowen Therapists are qualified human Bowen Therapists. This is vitally important to ensure that all practitioner have a complete understanding of the Bowen Technique.

Practitioners are required to attend Continuous Professional Development  study days and workshops, in order to remain on the Equine Bowen Therapy professional referral list.

The training course has been developed under the guidance and approval of Mr. Nigel Dodman, BVSc, Cert.Ed, Cert.Vet.Ac, MRCVS,  Bowen Therapist and Mrs. Heather McLain, BHSI.

The Equine Bowen Therapy training course is approved and supported by the European College of Bowen Studies, the Bowen Therapists' European Register and is recognised by the British Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association.

While the Bowen Technique is a relatively young therapy  compared to some other complementary therapies, with the basic principles of the technique observed accurately, there is a continuous observation, research and development programme in place. This allows further discovery of the many beneficial aspects of this amazing therapy.

History of Equine Bowen Therapy

Equine Bowen Therapy is based on the principles of the Bowen Technique, pioneered by the late Thomas Ambrose Bowen, born in 1916 in Geelong, Australia. It is believed that Tom Bowen initially worked on greyhounds and racehorses, having a remarkable result with one horse who came second in the Melbourne Cup.

This hands on bodywork treatment is not entirely new; many similar techniques have been used on animals in different countries and cultures; Accupressure; Shiatsu; Stress Point Therapy; Myofacial release Therapy; Equine Touch Therapy, to name a few.

Equine Bowen Therapy is an amalgamation of elements from established practices whose roots go back thousands of years.