The Fast and the Furious… Building the right muscles for the job

So much in our world today is fast paced and there seems to be a rush to get our horses to the next level also. All too often I hear horses needing to be ‘pushed forward’ or ‘needs to be a bigger stride’ NOW……

Before I go on, I must say that yes, there is a time in a horses career when these phrases need to be said, however, before a horse can go BIGGER or FASTER it must first be BALANCED!

There is nothing wrong with trotting around the arena in a slower manner if you are trying to teach your horse rhythm or balance and the same for the canter.

Currently my horse and I have a very slow canter as we train, she needs to find her balance and rhythm and she clearly can’t do it when we try for ‘more’ as it all turns to custard.

Also, the faster or bigger you go, if your horse starts getting heavy, it is leaning on you, slow it down, bring it back to a rhythm that it can keep and learn from, then build on that.

A slower rhythm will allow the right sort of muscles to work correctly. I think trot and canter poles are a brilliant exercise for both horse AND rider, they are great for rhythm and the muscles too.

Teach your horse to wait and you will have a better more balanced horse for it!

That’s all for now,