Just Pay the Man!

My husband had some really good advice given to him when he was a teenager and learning his trade as brick and block layer..... his boss said to him one day, that if you want something done well, go to work, earn the money and just pay a man to do it for you. I get that things are expensive and life just so hectic sometimes, but that is vary valuable advice. A plumber went to school to learn how to fix leaks and lay drains, a sparky spent years learning how to do things without getting electrocuted, and for most, the job YOU do, you probably spent years and dollars learning how to do it right too. The same applies in any industry, people choose a profession and they practise and get GOOD at it. I go to work so I can pay a mechanic to fix my car. It's all swings and roundabouts and its hard, because we live in such a DIY country where no.8 wire, baling twine and duct tape fix most things! 

Someone said to me the other day that they wouldn't waste their money on a 'massage' for their horse when they can do it themselves. (insert eye roll and smiley face here) The point is, yes, some things we can YouTube (more eyerolls) or google and muddle through to do ourselves, but when things go really wrong (or in the horses case, really sore or lame) please...… PLEASE...… just pay the man (or woman!) Don't muck around with your horses body or soundness.

Unless of course you want to learn how to do it properly, then you should probably message me ASAP to get started straight away. I have two spots available to join this years intake. Yes there are pre requisites and YES, it costs money! Its a practitioner certificate from Europe. It is NOT a $500 weekend course. 

SO...… if you wanna be 'the man' that gets paid for their expertise, then start the ball rolling now. You can email me on handsonhorsesnz@gmail.com